Castleton Residential Day 2 - The adventure continues

posted 13 Mar 2018, 14:04 by Richard Hanks
The weather was so much better to day and this has inspired the children to even more impressive feats of courage and teamwork.

The groups have been:
  • Weasling - working together to navigate channels, holes and routes.
  • Hike - exploring the geography, geology and history of the Castleton area.
  • Caving - including traverses climbs deep under the ground.
  • Bushcraft - learning how to survive out doors building shelters and fires
  • Challenge course - series of obstacles including the famous zip-wire!
The children have really been supporting, encouraging and celebrating each others successes of which there have been many. At some point, every child has been pushed out of their comfort zone a little and each has risen to the challenge. 

Our last day tomorrow, last set of activities. I am sure the children of Y45 will continue to have (muddy) fun!