Hotshots Basketball Competition 2016

posted 18 Nov 2016, 08:59 by Richard Hanks
Our squad of 10 children from Y5 competed in the highly-competitive Hotshots Basketball Competition at the Goals Centre against other teams from across Sheffield. Each match was very close and this made each one extremely exciting.

We won all our games, and only lost by a single basket to the team that went on to win the final. Well done everyone that took part. The Dore squad really worked well together as a team, playing to our strengths and stringing excellent passes together. It was great to see their feisty competitive nature but also appreciating good play from other and taking the time to shake hands at the end of each game. 

Thanks to the parents who provided lifts and support, and Mr Smith for accompanying us, he'll be working with the Y4s next, so we are looking forward to next year already!