Snowy/Muddy walk and Eggstronauts!

posted 19 Dec 2017, 04:27 by Richard Hanks
Over the last few days Y45 have been collaborating and enjoying each other;s company on some exciting activities.    

Walk to Blacka Moor

On Friday 15th December all the children dressed up warmly and completed a long walk from school into the hills and woods of Blacka Moor.

We were looking at seasonal conditions, and they appreciated the muddy and snowy conditions!

We were particularly looking at vegetation and how it may change over the year. We will be returning on the same route in 2018 and linking what we find with our science learning about life cycles of plants.


On Monday 18th December, the children of Y45 worked in small teams to design and build a lunar landing module for an intrepid eggstronaut.

Using our TASC methodology they needed to work as a team using limited to implement a solution.

To describe the results as mixed would be generous; many brave eggs were lost that day!

A big thanks to Mr Abbotts for launching the crafts!