Working with the natural environment - Shelter Construction

posted 4 Apr 2017, 08:32 by Richard Hanks
Yesterday, we had the privileged of a glorious spring day and an afternoon lead by Mr Fletcher as part of the school's Gritstone programme inspired by the John Muir Award that the children have begun working towards.

Our first task was to identify the range of trees in the local woods, not an easy task because many had not grown any leaves yet this year. But using buds, and leaves on the ground from last season, the children were able to identify a healthy range of species.

Next, the children were challenged to construct shelters that could keep them safe, dry and warm overnight (if needed). They were provided with some basic materials but most of the resources came from the natural environment.

Their constructions were then rigorously tested with watering cans. The shelters were pretty successful, with only one group, who seemed to forget they needed a roof, getting a soaking!

It was a wonderful afternoon, the children put into practice many of the values we have been exploring in our Growing Up Skills sessions: resilience, resourcefulness and teamwork.

Litter-picking as we went, we certainly put into action the John Muir values: discover, explore, conserve and share.