Author Visit - Brian James (14/9/18)

posted 10 Sep 2018, 07:29 by Oliver Mills

We have arranged an exciting opportunity for Year 6 children to have the chance to meet someone with first-hand experience of the bombing of London during World War 2. Locally-based author Brian James will be visiting each Year 6 class on Friday the 14th of September to read excerpts from his novel ‘Dangerous Skies’ and discuss with children his experiences growing up in London during the Blitz. This will allow our children to deepen their insights into life during the war and give our pupils the opportunity to ask questions to explore areas of interest.


There is no charge for this event.


Mr James will also bring copies of his book which will be available for children to purchase for £8.99 should they wish to do so. Unfortunately, payment for this will not be available on Squid. We ask that any money be brought in a named envelope and given to class teachers immediately upon arrival at school.


Attached is a synopsis provided by the author:


It’s wartime London. Eight year old Alan and his best two mates Tommy and Wilkie hardly ever bother about going to school. Classes are continually being disrupted by air raids, and many of the teachers have been brought out of retirement to replace those who are serving in the armed forces. As a result, lessons are often tedious and boring creating an atmosphere of “why bother” for both teachers and children.

As the air –raid sirens wail, Alan and his mates drift about the streets foraging among the burnt-out houses.

They are gradually sucked into the world of Duggie, a teenage Fagin who runs a gang of boy looters until they become caught up in the dangerous web of an armed robber called Ted.


The book is also listed on Amazon where it has received 17 recommendations from readers, the majority receiving 5 stars. There is also an audio version available.