Food Technology - 1940 style!

posted 13 Oct 2016, 06:57 by Richard France   [ updated 15 Oct 2016, 06:26 ]
Y6 have been researching the diet of British people during the war, when rationing meant there was not always enough food to go around.  There were plenty of vegetables though, as people 'grew their own' and 'dug for victory'.  We made Woolton Pie - created by chefs at the Savoy Hotel in London and named after the Minister of Food, which is a vegetable pie flavoured with a little marmite (love it or hate it).  We also made pear and apple crumble (no added sugar needed) with fruit picked during our visit to Cannon Hall.

Every child worked really well on the activities, and demonstrated excellent culinary skills!  We think the results look impressive, and hopefully tasted good as well.