Learning for 18/1/21

posted 16 Jan 2021, 12:02 by Oliver Mills   [ updated 17 Jan 2021, 12:24 ]

Your learning for today is also available on Google Classroom. Log on and have a look.

Google Classroom:

Watch this video from Mrs Drazek who explains about the upcoming Y6 migration to Google Classroom; this will allow us to access all our learning and daily meetings in one place. You will need an adult at home to check their emails from school for your login details. Adult support in getting used to this new system will also be needed. 

Mrs Drazek will be joining us on today's zoom meeting to show you how, from today, to access your home learning on google classroom.


Click here for the link to today's English lesson.  We will be reading chapter 2 of Friend or Foe and there are a number of comprehension questions for the children to answer.


Click here for the link to today’s maths lesson: Understand Percentages.

The worksheet and answers for today’s lesson are attached to the bottom of this post.

It has been brought to my attention that there is a mistake on question 3 on the answer sheet. Unfortunately, it is a locked PDF which means I cannot edit it. You should find your answer is 15% lower than the answer on the sheet.


Click here for today's foundation lesson: History. Join Mr Mills as we use historical sources to examine how the Treaty of Versailles was viewed in the 1920s/30s. Children will analyse 3 historical sources and then write a short summary showing their interpretation of the source material. 


All children to read for at least 20 minutes each day. This could be a school reading book or a personal book from home. There are online books available at Oxford Owl, register for a free account by clicking this link: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/user/sign_up.html


Here are the spellings for this week:

Monday's Task:
Compose a sentence using each word from the spelling list. If you are unsure about a word's meaning, use a dictionary (either physical or online) to look up the definition of a word before using it in a sentence. 

Fancy doing something else too?

Join Joe Wicks’ for an online workout by clicking here.

Please celebrate your child's learning by sending in pictures of their work to the year group email address: y6@dore.sheffield.sch.uk

Oliver Mills,
16 Jan 2021, 12:03
Oliver Mills,
16 Jan 2021, 12:03