Spring 2 Week 2

posted 2 Mar 2018, 04:20 by Oliver Mills
I'm sure we can all agree that there's probably better ways to immerse children into our Jamaica topic than a week of snow! Considering the days school was closed, we will continue with the spellings sent out last week - these will be tested on 9.3.18.

Next week we will be running a Mock SATs Week to help children get used to the conditions they will be experiencing in May - as such the only homework we are setting is for children to use Monster SATs to practice the papers on which they feel less confident.

The Mock SATs schedule for next week is thus:

Monday - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Paper and Spelling Paper
Tuesday - Reading Comprehension
Wednesday - Maths Arithmetic Paper and Maths Reasoning Paper 1  
Thursday - Math Reasoning Paper 2
Friday - Normal school day

Today Year 6 made good use of the icy conditions to explore the volume of cuboids by making models out of snow: