Superb Science

posted 12 Dec 2017, 04:35 by Oliver Mills
Over the past three weeks, Year 6 have been fortunate enough to have had three guest scientists from the University of Sheffield visit us to share their expertise and enthusiasm for science. With their backgrounds in Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Kian, Own and Josh were perfectly placed to help us learn about the process of respiration. 

After learning the basics of what respiration is, the children turned their attention towards experimenting to explore which conditions would be optimal for respiration. We did this by investigating respiration in yeast- specifically by measuring the froth produced when yeast respires and releases carbon dioxide. 
After establishing that yeast needs sugar and oxygen to respire and respires optimally at a temperature of around 37 degrees, it was time for a competition. Faced wit a selection of common foodstuffs, children had to select and test the substrate that they thought would produce the most respiration from the yeast.
With prizes on the line, tension rose. Some groups desperately tried to keep their mixture at an optimal temperature by warming in with their hands!

After 25 minutes, measurements of froth were taken and a winner was declared - with a solution made of a popular brand of energy drink causing the yeast to respire the most. 

Again, we would like to thank Josh, Kian and Owen and the University of Sheffield sciences faculties for providing the children with this wonderful learning opportunity.